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February 5, 2021

LinkedIn – Your way to a successful company page

Imagine you are running a company. The employees appreciate you. You do a good job and are an exemplary leader who is no stranger to empathy. You are very good with your employees. Once a month you even go bowling evening together. Just to have fun and talk casually.

All that is important. No question about it. But if you want to run a successful business today, you also have to present it in an appealing way on social networks. The business network LinkedIn is particularly important in this respect. This is an online platform for maintaining and managing business contacts. This has gained in importance in Switzerland in recent years. With over 645+ million members in more than 200 countries and regions, LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. Internationally oriented companies can therefore no longer avoid using LinkedIn.

This inevitably raises the question of what makes a successful company page.


A company page should stand out. Therefore, it has to come up with relevant information. What services does your company offer? What products do you have in your portfolio? These are important questions that should be answered. The visual appearance also plays a decisive role in determining whether potential customers and interested parties are interested in your company’s website. One thing is certain: a company logo is indispensable.

If you want to be attractive to international customers, you should also display the company profile in several languages. For this purpose, different language profiles have to be created. Viewers of the page can then use the drop-down menu to select the language in which the profile should be displayed to them.

With a company page, you have the opportunity to become a network player. You can and should go out and find contacts and potential customers, as well as invite them to follow the page. It is also possible to expand the network by importing existing mail contacts, for example. This facilitates the network building of the company immensely.

The company profile should also always be kept up to date. Has the range of products and services been expanded? Has your company expanded? Has a new press release been published? Or has someone written an exciting article that contributes to the company’s reputation? If so, the page should definitely be updated to make it more meaningful and relevant.

In LinkedIn groups, you as an entrepreneur who also uses LinkedIn privately, have the opportunity to exchange ideas with industry experts, get advice and make new contacts. In addition, you can position yourself here with expertise in a particular subject area and additionally contribute to increasing the reputation of your company. Or how about directly founding your own group? Here, too, the focus is on exchange, but at the same time you can place yourself as an agenda setter, seek dialog with potential customers and promote B2B networking. In short, take advantage of the opportunities LinkedIn offers you as a business platform and as an individual.

LinkedIn is of course not only suitable for the company, but also for their employees. In this respect, it is desirable if they link to the company page. That would at least speak for you as an employer.

You want to profit from LinkedIn and leave your competitors behind? Together we can do it. As social media experts, we have already positioned several companies on LinkedIn so that they could also benefit from the positive network effects. Have we aroused your interest? Then contact us and we will discuss how your company can benefit from LinkedIn.