O T R O . A G E N C Y


Project Description

The AURA Bar is one of the best bars and is located in the heart of Zurich. We had the honor to organize the “CIELO” branded cover concept every Saturday.

We deliberately opted for a minimalist yet modern cover in order to address the target group of CIELO directly. A good cover not only has to fit the style of the company, but also has to be recognized. It is not without reason that people can see brands like Apple, Coca-Cola or McDonalds just by looking at covers.

The branded cover concept not only included an ideal logo, but also a menu card, which was also kept in a minimalist and futuristic style. The menu list is not only well designed, but also clearly arranged so that new guests can easily find their way around.

Our branded cover concept quickly showed its effect:

• The Swiss restaurant was able to address its target group correctly
• The bar gained more and more customers
• With the logo, the bar stood out from the crowd and gained recognition






Corporate Identities

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