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Project Description

We were able to support the young and dynamic team of DG Facility and developed the corporate design / identity and website.

It was clear to DG Facility from the start that they didn’t want to limit their services to just one specific area. Our web designers took this into account when designing the website from the start. The homepage of the company was deliberately kept minimalist, so that new visitors can quickly get an overview of all services.

Individual services such as final cleaning or window cleaning were visually supported by suitable pictures. Simply swiping over the services opens a new window for visitors, where the service is briefly and clearly explained. As soon as interest is piqued, potential customers can contact the company with the help of a button.

The button for contacting us was deliberately placed above by our professional team. At the very end of the home page, our development team decided to create a short “About us segment” in order to build a personal bond with the visitors. As you can see, not only the programming of the website is important for the implementation, but also the right marketing concept.

Thanks to our developed corporate design:

• Could generate more visitors to his website
• The number of orders increased
• The website improved
• Simplified contacting new prospects
• The company generated more existing customers


DG Facility GmbH




Web Development, Corporate Identities

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