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Project Description

The aim of Rastoder Facility’s website design was to present all services clearly and transparently to all interested parties at a glance. On the start page, interested parties not only have the opportunity to get an overview of all Rastoder Facility services, but can also request an offer at the same time. For this, our web developers have integrated an appealing contact form, which should promote individual customer contact. In addition, the company can respond more individually to the wishes and needs of the customer.

In addition, our marketing experts decided to incorporate an About Us section so that they could establish a familiar relationship with the company when they first visited the website. Since the target group of Rastoder Facility can cover a wide spectrum, our web designers have opted for a simple, yet modern website design. All important functions are easy to use on the website. This makes handling particularly easy for new website visitors.

If a prospect wants to learn more about a service, all they have to do is click the appropriate button, which opens a pop-up window with the additional information. This ensures comfortable handling, since no further windows have to be opened. The same applies to the email button, which we have deliberately installed on the homepage. In this way, a prospect can contact the company directly.

A unique website requires excellent web development. Many thanks to Rastoder Facility GmbH for letting us support you with these aspects.


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